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  • A Very Ideal Modern Decorative Stone2011-10-08

    Sandstone is regarded as the most ideal modern decorative stone.Among all sandstone,wind sandstone series is especially similar with natural stone made from natural rock.Wind sandstone not only inherites the na…

  • Talk More Natural Stone Cleaning2011-10-08

    Recognizing the type of stone surface stains is the key to clearly remove blots.If you do not know what leads to stains generation,you must check and determine carefully.If the stain dry paper must dry with pap…

  • Care Points For Daily Marble2011-10-08

    Specific steps for nursing Daily Marble as follows.Step one to clean the surface every week.And then scrub with a wet cloth and wipe with a soft leather.Step Two: Use a neutral, non-abrasive stone renovation.St…

  • Granite Sidewalk Showed New Landscape2011-10-08

    In the process of promoting the transformation of urban and rural landscape,to further improve and enhance the overall image of the city, implementation of trunk granite sidewalk has transformed. All uses of gr…