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  • What material is useful for washbasin?2011-10-08

    Washing basin usually selects waterproofed,hard,docurative material.Such as Marble, granite, artificial stone.We can explain this feature as following: 1 Granite countertops:hard,cheap but poor decoration.It…

  • New Discovery - Brown Travertine mosaic tile2011-10-08

    A new variety of granite stone - Brown Travertine mosaic tile were found. The new discoveriedBrown Travertine mosaic tile material belongs to granite stone series. Lithology is porphyry granite. Brown Travertin…

  • The interesting Peral White stone carving process2011-10-08

    Carving work starts with the selection of a piece of suitable marble for carving a specific object. Good sculptors can carry out carving in a direct way through imagination, without creating a modifiable clay m…

  • Choose your own unique countertop2011-10-08

    the brand name for a solid-surface acrylic product with the look of natural stone.If your budget allows, go with the best countertop you can afford.Granite is a porous product, but it's sealed when installed a…