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Blues in the Night

Product No.HB8631     Promulgator:   Send date: 2014-06-16 16:47  Visitor:
Synonyms: Blue In The Night, Blue Moon.
Location: Blues In The Night granite is quarried in Namibia.
Description: Blues In The Night granite is a medium-grained, dark blue-black pearl type stone. This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite however in the area of application of the European Standard we are awaiting clarification. Ideal for both interior and exterior use, Blues In The Night granite is frost free and polish constant.
Mineral Composition:

Granite: Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granites are usually medium to coarse grained, occasionally with some individual crystals larger than the groundmass forming a rock known as porphyry. Granites can be pink to dark grey or even black, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy. 

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